Sunday, 24 March 2019

Make me whole again

You might very well ask why this wee dog is looking a trifle worried about my sewing.

Last month I read this inspirational blog post by UK crochet designer Tracey Todhunter entitled 'Make It and Mend It'.  Tracey advocates making crochet flowers to revitalise holey woollens.

I immediately thought of a much loved and well worn White Stuff  jumper I've owned for several years.  I haven't been wearing it at all recently as it has two holes in the front - possibly caused by a close encounter with my belt buckle.

Yet I hadn't thrown the jumper away or consigned it to a textile recycling bin.  Why?  Because I really like it and, deep down, I think I knew I could make it wearable again.

Tracey's article about making a 'crochet plaster' made me look at the yarn I had available to match my jumper, both in colour and fabric composition.  This Drops Baby Merino fitted the bill.

These yarnlings are leftovers from the crochet Babette Blanket I made in 2013.

So I crocheted some flowers in coordinating colours,

sewed in all the ends,

placed the flowers over the holes and around the design on the sweater front and sewed them on.  

I gave the dogs some Frida Kahlo-esque headwear - I'm not sure they approve.  

Perhaps Star thinks I'm going to do the same for her!

Despite the dog's misgivings, I'm very pleased that a favourite sweater is back in my wardrobe instead of landfill, and I've got a new technique in my mending armoury.  Thanks, Tracey!


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