Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Back in April I started a new knitting project.

I've gone on at length in a previous blog post about how much I love my On The Edge Shawl, by Joy, aka The Knitting Goddess.  I love it so much, in fact, that I decided to make another one - this time for my sister, as a surprise for her birthday.

I chose turquoise merino in three toning gradient yarns.  Turquoise is her favourite colour and the wool was really soft and cosy.

It knitted up really quickly and in under two weeks it was done.  I didn't really photograph the finished shawl particularly carefully as I was looking forward to seeing my sister wearing it.  I wrapped it up and posted it off, not at my local Post Office on this occasion and so I wasn't routinely offered a proof of posting.  I was so looking forward to her reaction to the surprise that I didn't even tell my sister about the parcel...

... BUT -  and here's why Star the dog looks so sad - THE SHAWL NEVER ARRIVED!!!

So gutted - and with no proof of posting I'd  absolutely no comeback with the Post Office.

Eventually I had to tell my sister what I'd done  - but up til now she's never seen what it was I sent.

Next time I make something for her I'll wait til we're together and hand her gift to her in person!


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