Saturday, 4 March 2017

Love is...

Today is my wedding anniversary.

Twenty three years if you're counting from the day we got married - but...

... we've been together way longer than that!

According to internet sources, the traditional gift to mark a 23rd wedding anniversary would be something made from silver plate.  I think I can safely speak on behalf of us both when I say can hardly think of anything we'd like less.

Things aren't much better in Italy where the gift is water.  Necessary, of course, but hardly a present everyone is clamouring for.

The card manufacturer, Hallmark, even has an alternative theme for a 23rd wedding anniversary - and that is air.  (They do suggest balloons, hot air balloon rides or airline tickets as possible gifts though.)
That got me thinking about what I could give my husband that he would really like.  After all these years together, we've both given, and received, some amazing presents.  Right now we don't need expensive gifts.  Time to get creative, think outside the box, remember that I'm focusing on purpose this year.

What if I could re-purpose something?  Something much loved in his life but in need of tlc.  What does Geoff care for more than anything (in his wardrobe)?

The answer is this much loved, but rather ancient, lambswool jumper from Boden - which recently wore away at one elbow.  I picked up the stitches, knitted a patch and needle felted it into place as the wool round about the hole was fraying badly.

In case you're a darning aficionado, and are aghast that you can see this repair, let me introduce you to visible mending and the wonderful work of Tom of Holland who says -

The Visible Mending Programme seeks to highlight that the art and craftsmanship of clothes repair is particularly relevant in a world where more and more people voice their dissatisfaction with fashion’s throwaway culture. By exploring the story behind garment and repair, the Programme reinforces the relationship between the wearer and garment,  leading to people wearing their existing clothes for longer, with the beautiful darn worn as a badge of honour.

So for this wedding anniversary I'm giving Geoff his beloved jumper back, mended again and keeping the air out of the draughty hole in the sleeve.  (The eagle-eyed will spot a previous mend in the front, darned expertly some time ago by his Mum!)

Happy anniversary, darling.

(Geoff is offshore right now but we'll go out for a nice lunch to celebrate when he comes home, possibly wearing something a bit smarter!)


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