Sunday, 1 May 2016

Happy Feet, I've Got Those Happy Feet

The weather in Aberdeenshire during April was, quite frankly, more like winter than spring.

So instead of thinking about lightweight pastel coloured knits for the warmer months, I found myself focusing on one of the projects I bought part of at Edinburgh Yarn Festival -  soles for cosy knitted slippers.
Here I am with Amanda of Joes Toes at the EYF marketplace.  The company sells slipper kits and also the felt soles and other constituents parts needed to make your own.  Amanda was lovely and took time to help me try on some of the sample slippers to ensure I was buying the correct size of sole.  I came away with turquoise outer soles (which have a latex grip) and fuchsia inners, really thinking this would be a perfect project for autumn.
When the days took a seriously cooler turn, I went to my local yarn shop, The Colour Corner in Inverurie, and bought some New Lanark chunky wool in the colourway Gritstone.  It's 100% wool and I thought it would be hard wearing but soft enough for my slippers.  Amanda of Joes Toes provided me with a comprehensive instruction sheet when I bought my soles.  Essentially, the knitted part of the slipper consists of a strip of garter stitch.  Its length is determined by the number of pre-punched holes in the felt soles.  The long side of the strip is then stitched onto the sole and the pre-punched holes make the sewing up really easy and straightforward as well as ensuring a neat job. 
So, a couple of evenings in front of the telly and my slippers were finished - the perfect companion to a pair of hand knit socks!  I'm really pleased with them and they're comfy and warm...
...but - come on May - could we please have some better weather so my next project isn't a fur coat?!

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