Saturday, 12 March 2016

Taking up from where I left off...

I wrote my first ever blog post in September 2004 accompanied by this (slightly blurry) photo.

So... many moons ago, I spent 3 months crossing America in a 29 foot motorhome with my husband and two daughters, then aged 6 and 9.  Prior to our US road trip, my journalist friend Anne suggested a 'weblog' would be a useful means of maintaining a diary which our family and friends could access whilst we were travelling and at no cost. Sounded good.  Though some blogs had been around for 10 years in 2004, it would still be another two years before the BBC had one.  It seems really antiquated now but during our Antipodean gap year adventure  in 1991/2 with my then boyfriend (now husband), we'd kept in touch with home by letter using post-restante addresses and guesstimating where we might be.  This whole weblog thing might really take off!

My husband did a great job of updating the blog of our family trip while we were in America - during that time I only contributed two blog posts.  It's only taken me eleven and a bit years to write another one.

So here I am, taking up from where I left off.  Thanks to my two girls, now 17 and 20, who have thoughtfully designed this blog, complete with my 'neveratalooseend' logo, they've provided me with the means to document my crafty projects, baking successes and some aspects of our family life which we're happy to share.  I hope you'll enjoy sharing them too.


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